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Mobile Apps

Develop Android and iOS Apps with good UI responsive, user friendly and capable with number of devices.

API Development

Code secured APIs using NestJS and Spring Boot Frameworks for secure data access with other applications.

about me

About Me

Develop secured APIs and awesome Mobile applications both Android and iOS, create an application interface that creates an emotional connection with audiences. Use the latest technologies and tools in delivering application development and designing across platforms, and have 6 years of experience in Application Development. Also I'm Backend Developer of Safari Trek Beach Company.



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Systems

Mzumbe University

Currently studying Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Systems (BSc.ITS) at Mzumbe University, and expected at end of this programme to have ability to develop more professional softwares.

Diploma in Information Technology

Mzumbe University

Received my Diploma Certificate of Information Technology at Mzumbe University in 2020, with introduction of computer systems and software management.

Certificate in Information Technology

Sokoine University of Agriculture

Received my Certificate of Information Technology at Sokoine University of Agriculture in 2017, with introduction of computer hardware and software.


Mobile Application Development

Swift and Kotlin

Currently I have developed several Swift apps that runs on iOS platform and Kotlin apps that runs on android platform.

API Application Development

NestJS and Spring Boot

Currently I have developed a secured API that provide two web applications and one mobile app to communicate and sharing data.

Apps Design and Prototyping

Photoshop, Adobe XD and Zeplin

I have worked with mobile app designers who design apps with Photoshop and Adobe XD, also app designers who use Zeplin to share their design with developers.


Beemathon Developer Challenge

Beem Africa

Developers love APIs. Beem has been at the forefront of bringing new API driven services for software developers and brings a Developer challenge to show what we can do with their APIs.

Best Project 2020

Mzumbe University

Mzumbe University provide Diploma in Information Technology programme at Main Campus, and last year of study (final year) students develop application to solve a certain problem by applying skills and techniques learned.

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